William Jones

Austin,Texas 78759


Possess a unique combination of database, UNIX, project management, and customer skills; consequently, a well rounded candidate for any database position requiring a highly skilled and multi-faceted Information Technology professional.

  • Dynamic database support and development, resulting in stable, scalable, and secure database-driven systems.
  • Develops automated capabilities to manage and support organizational data assets.
  • Proven customer support and project management experience in a wide variety of business environments.
  • Over five years as a DBA supporting VLDB (Very Large Databases) in several business sectors.


  • Broad DBA Support Experience in a Variety of Business Environments
  • Solid Customer Support Experience
  • Organized and Detailed Oriented
  • Release Management and Performance Tuning
  • Project Management Experience
  • Application and Web Development


Relational Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell programming, HTML, FORTRAN, JavaScript, C, InfoBASIC
Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), MS Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, Novell
Development Tools: SyncSort, Sybase Power Designer, Toad, FTP, Telnet, VNC, Exceed, DreamWeaver UltraDev, SQL-Navigator, XML Spy, CVS, Subversion (SVN), Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Internet Explorer), Data Junction, Erwin, Patrol DB, Visual Source Safe


AMD/GLOBAL FOUNDARIES, INC., Austin, TX (2006 - 2009)

  • Key team member providing database administration in over twenty databases in UNIX development environment.  Provided technical support and advice on several projects at AMD. 
  • Collaborated with product line managers and project managers to develop and execute upgrade schedule and administered and manipulated database objects and baselines to fulfill the requirements the needs of projects in AMD's development environment that would not impact development timelines.




      Responsibilities & Accomplishments

      • Provided development and support for the software application portion of the Venice Bar Code Inventory project. Centralized management of user accounts, rights, and permissions for the servers as well as the Venice application.
      • Ensured the seamless migration of existing data records and coordinated required changes; moreover, served as contact for the application vendor and DPS management and personnel to facilitate the implementation of the enterprise-wide Venice Bar Code project.
      • Developed a first ever-comprehensive hardware/software inventory for the multiple applications hosted in the development test lab.

            SBI GROUP, Round Rock, TX (2003 - 2004)

            Responsibilities & Accomplishments
            • Served on a cross-functional team tasked with the development and implementation of a terabyte-scale data warehouse system for the Dell Computer Systems Logistics Project.
            • Worked closely with the Data Architect to assist in the implementation and configuration of project prototypes in the Dell Linux/Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) environment. Assisted with the implementation and database administration of the development server test bed.
            • Planned and designed database schemas to ensure a stable development environment, including development, build, and prototype configurations. Designed and developed PL/SQL stored procedures to integrate .NET framework and security solutions with the database layer.
            • Completed a research and analysis project to evaluate the application of Oracle 9i RAC on a Data Guard logical standby configuration in the Linux environment; furthermore, identified numerous potential liabilities in the proposed prototype environment.
            • Successfully diagnosed and quickly resolved an Oracle tool problem on 2 of 3 nodes of the RAC prototype database during time-sensitive benchmarking phases.

            PLATEAU SYSTEMS,LTD., Austin, TX (2003-2003)

            Responsibilities & Accomplishments
            • Retained on a short-term contractual basis as an Oracle specialist for Plateau Systems, a $50 million, 200+ employee firm servicing the educational industry. Supported the implementation of an Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) targeted for release nationwide to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) enterprise.
            • Performed daily DBA activities, including database backup and recovery, testing, and performance monitoring and tuning.
            • Served as a technical resource to other database and administrative staff. Developed and documented Oracle database backup and recovery steps for the client IRS staff; moreover, offered assistance on all day-to-day Oracle administration efforts.
            • Upgraded the Oracle database environment to higher Oracle database version levels.
            • Migrated SQL and PL/SQL code between multiple Enterprise LMS database environments; in addition, coordinated the handling of various data and code baselines.

            VOLT, Austin, TX (2001 - 2002)

            Responsibilities & Accomplishments
            • Provided database consulting under a VOLT contract with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Collaborated with client database engineers and assisted with critical database migration projects.
            • Conducted partition and storage management on enterprise production databases.
            • Augmented the client DBA staff to help maintain the integrity of distributed databases housed in domestic and international servers; independently upgraded several development and production databases to Oracle 8i and 9i.
            • Completed a 2-month temporary duty assignment providing 7x24 on-call DBA support for production databases across the globe; responded to trouble calls from multiple production database sites throughout the US, Far East, and Europe (2001).

            ALISTIA CORPORATION, Austin, TX (2000 - 2001)

            • Recruited to design, implement, and maintain distributed operational databases for a startup software development enterprise.
            • ALISTIA Corporation developed and marketed web-based list processing applications for the "names and address" sales industry.
            • Managed distributed databases and applications supporting Java and Java Server Pages (JSP) dynamic web applications.
            • Provided ongoing Extract Transform Load (ETL), tuning, as well as backup and recovery for numerous Oracle 8i databases.
            Key Accomplishments
            • Data Migration Support: Designed, developed, and implemented UNIX shell scripts, SQL scripts, and Sync Sort scripts to automate the loading of SQL and Sync Sort customer data into databases on Solaris and AIX servers.
            • Data Backup Support: Designed and implemented a comprehensive backup capability for the ALISTIA Oracle databases, hosted by a third party (EDS Corporation). Interfaced with ALISTIA, EDS, and client technical representatives to capture requirements for a backup strategy. Designed and implemented the backup and recovery scripts to meet these requirements.

            ACXIOM CORPORATION Little Rock, AR (1998 - 2000)

            • As an Account DBA, designed, implemented, and administered terabyte-class Oracle-based data warehouses for multiple high profile clients in the banking industry, including Discover Financial Services. Served as the lead DBA for the Discover Financial Services account, managing a data warehouse containing over 2.5 billion credit card transaction records.
            • Developed and managed all ETL, SQL tuning, security, upgrade, and support activities required to maintain database reliability and response.
            • Coordinated with customer staff for the installation and configuration of system and layered products supporting the client data warehouses on a Sun Enterprise 6500 platform. This included SAS and SAS/Connect, as well as SAS PROC SQL scripts.
            Key Accomplishments
            • Automated Maintenance Routines: Developed and implemented automated processes to complete monthly data updates and special maintenance activities for the Discover Financial Services data warehouse.
            • Skip-Trace Client: Project Lead for the development of a fully-automated file processing system for a client in the Skip-Trace industry, generating over $300K in new revenue for the corporation. Directed selection and procurement of hardware and software, installation and configuration of the infrastructure, and production of automated script utilities while managing a 6-member development team.
            • Customer Relationship Awards: Received awards recognizing customer relationship management and technical expertise during the Discover Financial Services data warehouse implementation. This included Associate of the Quarter (for the Y2K Readiness Initiative), a nomination for the corporate Project Excellence Award, and several Letters of Appreciation from the client.

            BMC SOFTWARE, Austin, TX (1995 - 1998)

            • Provided Tier 2 support for the BMC PATROL DB product, a component of the BMC PATROL enterprise management suite. Responded to problem reports and queries for a national client base across the multiple database platforms supported for the product, including Sybase, Informix, Oracle, and DB2. Identified, isolated, resolved, and documented customer problems and resolutions.
            • Collaborated with BMC departments, including software development, sales, marketing, and international business and technical teams to capture and assess user needs and to recommend solutions.
            Key Accomplishments
            • PATROL DB Support Website: Planned, developed, and implemented a website on the corporate Intranet to provide centralized support for the PATROL DB product. Implemented in HTML and JavaScript, this website enabled immediate access to sales data for PATROL DB support and QA staff (1998).
            • Problem Scenarios: Developed custom SQL utilities to recreate customer problem scenarios on a variety of platforms and databases to enable rapid root cause identification and resolution.

            TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY (TVA), Chattanooga, TN ( 1990 - 1994)

            • Provided broad scope of database development and administration, systems administration, programming, and support for Oracle systems at TVA facilities throughout 3-state region. Diligently performed 24x7 emergency level-II support for 150 databases, as well as conducting installation, configuration, and administration of backup and recovery solutions for production servers.
            • Installed, configured, migrated, and administered critical production databases. Developed and executed comprehensive backup and recovery solutions.
            • Participated and led technical projects including the integration and build of desktop systems, cable fabrication and installation, and the design, development, and maintenance of in-house applications using FORTRAN, InfoBASIC, and C.
            Key Accomplishments
            • Database Oversight: Selected as one of two employees authorized to create, migrate, and modify Oracle databases across the 3-state region, ensuring configuration consistency (1992 - 1994).
            • Power Plant IT Operations: Assigned as sole IT resource at 600-member fossil fuel power plant facility, fulfilling duties of System Administrator, MPAC Administrator, Novell LAN Administrator, Database Administrator, Programmer, and primary IT liaison. Directed all functional and administrative IT operations, including budget preparation and allocation, staff training, in-house application development, and facility compliance with corporate specifications. Prepared and delivered plant IT budget proposals to corporate resulting in getting over $700K (1990 - 1992).


            Capella University,   Minneapolis, MN
            MS, Information Technology   (2002)
              Excelsior College,   Albany, NY
            BS, General Studies   (1984)


            • Oracle 8i/9i/10g Database Administrator
            • Certified Computing Professional (CCP)
            • A+ Certified Professional
            • Financial Business Unit Associate of the Quarter (1999)
            • Nominee, Corporate Project Excellence Award (1999)
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            • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
            • Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA)
            • International Webmaster's Association
            • The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)